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Rest in Peace Heath [Jan. 25th, 2008|10:43 pm]
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I found this article of FOXNews.com... I think Mel Gibson is really a big hypocrite if you ask me. And the problem is, I still like his older movies and he used to be one of my favorite actors. But ever since he did The Passion of the Christ (very good movie btw) he became all... weird.

 The article:


Mel Gibson Distanced Himself From Heath Ledger After 'Brokeback Mountain'

Though Mel Gibson expressed his sorrow this week over the death of Heath Ledger, he had actually distanced himself from the younger Australian actor in the years since Ledger played a gay cowboy in "Brokeback Mountain," according to the New York Daily News.

Ledger chose not to follow Gibson's advice against taking the "Brokeback" leading role of Ennis Del Mar, a ranch hand who falls in love with another male cowboy and all the while struggles with his homosexuality, private investigator Paul Barresi told the News.

As a result, Gibson pulled back from the friendship with Ledger, whom he'd gotten to know when Ledger played his son in "The Patriot."

Barresi said a "major Hollywood producer" told him that Ledger asked Gibson whether he should play the part of Ennis, and "Gibson strongly counseled against it. The role apparently ran counter to Gibson's morality. And he felt that it would ruin Heath's career," the News reported.

But Ledger ignored the suggestion and signed on to do the film anyway, leading to a rift with Gibson, according to the News.

"When Gibson parted ways with Heath, it broke his heart," Barresi told the paper.

In the end, Ledger's performance in "Brokeback" won him critical accolades, an Oscar nomination and newfound respect as a serious, talented and complex actor, allowing him to shed his image as just another Hollywood heartthrob.

In 2006, Ledger told London's Evening Standard that his decision to play Ennis "was kind of a reaction against the comparison that I'm the new Mel Gibson."

On Tuesday, Gibson issued a statement calling Ledger's death "a tragic loss."

“I had such great hope for him. He was just taking off and to lose his life at such a young age is a tragic loss," he said. "My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.”


And if you think about it, Gibson was distancing because he stands against homosexuality as a hardcore Christian (he is considered to be the biggest Christian activist in Hollywood) and because it is a sin and wrong in the Bible. However, Gibson himself played in various movies throughout his career that portrayed other sins as well.. such as the movie Payback where he was a man bent on revenge who did nothing but go on a killing spree for the entire movie because he was screwed over by an ex-con partner of his. He was seen killing, drinking, and having "sex" in many of his movies, and yet he found it right to distance himself because of a movie about homosexuality? Dude that pisses me off.

Please share your thoughts on this with me...


[User Picture]From: sthtxslytherin
2008-01-26 07:27 pm (UTC)
I'm not entirely certain about any news sources from Foxnews, when it comes right down to celebrity news I tend to stick with sources like TMZ and E!. Especially since if this had been reported prior to Heath's death, it might have actually had a bit of believe-ability. Because we all know that Mel isn't one to silence himself about something he may be against.

A lot of people (Christians, namely) that proclaim openness to any "way of life" or however you want to phrase it, but withdraw that sentiment when it comes down to things like homosexuality. I believe that doesn't necessarily come from their religion, but from how they were raised. For example, my mother, a raised Catholic who converted to Lutheran is very open but homosexuality is one of the things that she's wary about. She's not going to be rude to someone because they're attracted to someone of the same sex, but she's not going to approve of it. My father, who is an Atheist, just isn't able to understand the thought of homosexuality, and it deeply disturbs him, this coming from the time in which he was raised, the same goes for my mother.

Our generation is a lot more open to homosexuality simply because it isn't marked as taboo to society anymore. It simply is, and I believe that if Mel is against homosexuality, it's because of when he was raised, not his religion.

This whole "Mel distancing himself because Heath portrayed a gay cowboy" thing seems a little too convenient for me, especially since all the protests regarding the movie happened around the time of it's release, and like I said before, Mel isn't one known for shutting up with something he's against. So a decision to hold this until now? Nuh-uh, something smells fishy.

But in regard to his movies, they're just that, movies. A way for him and the writers and producers to get money, and let's face it: sex, violence and drunkeness sell. That's why a lot of our movies these days revolve around these or around the desire to make a statement. More often than not it's the sex, violence and drunken antics that people find entertaining and captivating. It disappoints me to say this but, it's just a business and the businessmen (if you will) found what they can make a profit off of.
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[User Picture]From: morbidlove21
2008-01-27 08:32 am (UTC)
Very true that they are just movies, I couldn't agree more. My point there was that if Mel did say those things or feel that way, he was being a hypocrite because you can't cut someone down or turn on them for taking a homosexual role when you have previously taken roles showing other sins.

Granted, the homosexuality was acting, it was a movie. But the point is, real or not, if you can "pretend" to shoot someone in the face (thru a pillow) with a gun, and that's "ok" but someone can't "pretend" to be gay.... come on now.
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[User Picture]From: sthtxslytherin
2008-01-27 08:31 pm (UTC)
All very good points. I think my thing though, is that I think the story is a load of crock. Mainly because if Mel was so against homosexuals and Heath's portraying a homosexual character, wouldn't they have been included in drunken rant? That's just my thinking though.

But, should this story be able to hold any water, I think that he probably needs to re-evaluate what his issues are before he winds up on the internet in the midst of another drunken rant.

I don't think that anyone considers shooting someone in the face "ok" (except of course, the homicidally driven sociopaths) and it seems to me that people are a lot more open now about homosexuality and it's portrayal in movies and TV than they were thirty years ago. It seems to me that more than most actors put aside their morals if they really like the part, but those that do have a problem with people acting homosexual characters but not with shooting someone in the face or raping someone in the film are a bunch of idiots. I know I'd rather watch Brokeback Mountain and a slew of never-going-to-be-made sequels than of someone using mindless, unprovoked violence.

I still think that a lot of the negativity that is being given to films like Brokeback is not necessarily because of the homosexuality of the characters, but because the people that are "against" it are just not used to it being this mainstream.

But hey, another reason could be that society sucks.
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[User Picture]From: morbidlove21
2008-01-28 04:50 am (UTC)
Society does suck.

Ducky and I have talked about homosexuality before, and she told me that one day "you'll have your freedom." That was in response to seeing something about racism and segregation.

If you think about it, homosexuality is much like racism. It's ignorance and close-mindedness over stupid things. But much like blacks/Jews have fought (and are still fighting) against persecution, so too are homosexuals. And one day, everything will be more openly accepted.

I still like Mel, I think he's just gotten a little strange since Passion of the Christ. And if he did say those things, while I still appreciate his acting, he's pissed me off.
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[User Picture]From: sthtxslytherin
2008-01-29 04:10 am (UTC)
The amount of ignorance, not only to homosexuality but other things as well (one of my current things that's been pissing me off to no end is the idea that alcohol is required for a good time... :/ and things of that nature as well), has been steadily on the rise. And I think that is due to children being raised by televisions and parents being afraid of their kids going wild so they forbid it, which, y'know makes kids want it more(at least in terms of the ignorance towards alcohol).

Everyone's gotten crazy. Britney Spears for example used to be relatively normal--she was dating Justin Timberlake and then WHAM it seems overnight she went from being cute pop princess to white trash mother of two that can't get her partying under control.

I just do the, well, I like old movies (or music, depending on the person in question) and I'm not going to burn/trash the movies/cds and I'm not going to stop watching/listening to them because I still like them, but I sure as HELL ain't going to support that person in the future. *L*

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